The Process

There are 5 simple steps to working together with Becky:


- Step 1 -

First, you'll book a Discovery Visit with Becky to get clear on project details. 

- STEP 2 -

At the Discovery Visit, Becky will conduct a site tour to document the property's vital measurements, take photos and discuss financial goals for the property's selling strategy with the home owner and selling agent. 

- STEP 3 -

After completing the Discovery Visit, Becky takes a solo step back to evaluate the property’s highest opportunities for ROI. She organizes her recommendations in the Discovery Report tailored to each property's needs with items such as light fixture swaps, painting projects, and curb appeal ideas. The report is presented in a Cloud-based project studio, with a 'clickable' shopping list linking each product to retailers for clients to easily initiate the purchases & enhancements on their own. Accessible from a smart phone, the project studio is every client's very own virtual project portfolio on-the-go!


- STEP 4 -

Transformation begins! Not keen on swinging a hammer or guiding a paint brush? Becky has a trusted team of experts in every area of home repair that can be recommended on a moment’s notice to achieve tasks professionally and timely when needed. There will be more high-fives flying around with jobs getting accomplished then you've ever seen in your history of living in the house! 

- STEP 5 -

Once the enhancement work wraps , the property’s perfected canvas is ready to be highlighted with beautiful furnishings & decor. Homeowners are encouraged to enjoy the fruit of their labour while Becky transforms the property into a showcase that buyers will emotionally connect with. For the next 24 hours, Becky and her team install a decorative palette that will leave you (and most importantly your buyers) nothing short of speechless. Professional photography is the final touch to capture the magic! 


Steps To Success

The following 9-step flowchart illustrates how Becky's 5 step process above fits into the larger picture when preparing your property for sale. 


Homeowner receives Becky's Discovery Report. (STEP 3 ABOVE)
In the Discovery Report, Becky recommends what to keep & what should be removed from the property.
Homeowner packs up items to be removed and/or stored.
These items are transported into off-site storage or for donation. 
Items to be kept are securely stored until it's time to relocate them to the homeowner's new property.
The decluttered property is ready for Becky's list of enhancements to be completed with a list of vetted trade recommendations if needed. (STEP 4)
The property's completed repairs call for a good overall clean before Becky returns to furnish & style the property to perfection.
The property's keys are handed over to Becky for 24-48 hours for her and her team to bring the property to life with knock-out styling. (STEP 5)
Offers like you'd never expected flood in and you seal the deal!


Let's do Beautiful together! 

Photography by Aristea Rizakos   Styling by The Property Stylist

Photography by Aristea Rizakos

Styling by The Property Stylist