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It’s taken a lot of gumption to get to this very moment. It’s been ten years of saying I’m not a blogger and I don’t want to blog for my business to now feeling like I want to embrace it. Why the change, and most of all, why the pent up fear? 

Primarily its FOMO.

I want to see what I’m missing out on, why everyone I talk to reminds me that I need to be blogging. The honest truth is-it scares me. Who will read it, will I have the right or enough content to keep an audience? The most prominent of all of these fears is will I have the time and energy to commit to keeping it consistent? 

I’ve learned from MANY moments of researching how to do this that consistency is what matters most. With all that out in the open, I’m kinda glad you know where I write from, a place of timidity but excited anticipation of what may lie ahead. Most importantly, if I ever started a blog I've told myself, I want to be completely transparent with my readers. Transparency is an important piece of my business, and a blog that's transparent allows me the ability to interact with my audience in the here and now, much different than more matter-of-fact website which I already have. 

I hope for this blog to be a personal resource offering useful take-aways for your own life & home. What I’m most excited to share with you are all my experiences from 10+ years as a budget-creative interior stylist creating spaces that look no less fabulous than those created with a luxury salary. It’s my schtick. I’ve always been able to scope out fab for less amongst the higher price tagged noise in the industry. Whether it be a big box hidden gem or consignment treasures, the one characteristic these items have in common is POTENTIAL. When I was growing up, making the most of every resource I’d been given was a highly promoted strategy in our home. 

From being primed at a young age to find potential in almost everything combined with my innate strength of having an eye for quality style, my love for creating fab looks in the home for less caught on like wildfire. I was also ‘one of those’ girls who enjoyed re-designing my bedroom almost quarterly, sewing drapery and re-upholstering furniture as creative outlets. My love for interiors and decor has not diminished one bit since it began in childhood and I am always motivated to help others achieve a quality look in their home for less. Along with the ins and outs of small business happenings at The Property Stylist, this is the theme of what I want to convey to you in my blog, how to make a wow statement without the coordinating wow price tag. 

I thought for my first blog post it would be great to share a little bit more about myself so we can get to know each other. On the blog I’ll be sharing insider tips from my years as a real estate stylist. These tips are great for other stylists- but you don’t have to be in the real estate game to have your space thoughtfully decorated! From affordable design resources to all my best tried and true tips for elevating your space (on a budget!).. I can’t wait to share my best advice to those looking for a beautifully styled home. 

So let’s get into it! Thanks for being here, get ready for more awesome blogs- and be sure to sign up to our email list so you never miss a post! 

Rapid Fire! 10 Fun Facts about me!

1: The who, what, where. 

I am a Torontonian born and raised. My husband and I have been together for over 20 years, since we were both 16 years old! We’ve been married for almost 13 of those years and threw in some twin boys who are now SEVEN!! 

2: How you got started in property styling.

After almost a decade of running my interior decorating business, my entrepreneurial instincts sensed a burgeoning opportunity waiting in the home staging industry that was too attractive to ignore. In 2015 I noticed that more listings were being staged than ever before yet the professional resources available to meet these needs were extremely limited to sellers and agents, especially in the city of Toronto, a booming real estate metropolis. Almost serendipitously, as soon as I dipped my toes in the water to research what my vision could whip up, I was ready to dive in. I love a great transformation that I can creatively direct from start to finish, and my skill set + renovation experience has been a perfect fit that offers a comprehensive service to my clients. 

3: Favourite guilty pleasure treat. 

Too many to list! I have a massive sweet tooth, including anything that includes chocolate and/or pastries. If I had to choose just one it would be my OWN bag of sweet & salty popcorn while watching a great documentary. 

4: Top three all time favourite places to source furniture for styling. 

Coming from the interiors industry I’m lucky to have 12 years of buying experience in the wholesale furniture market. I leverage this as much as possible for most of my buying. This doesn’t mean however that I don’t have my favourite retail sources. My most recent favourite Canadian source new to the Toronto scene is Home Societe. Their budget friendly house brand MUST is my go-to for minimalist Scandinavian styled products. My guilty pleasure American brands are Target (of course!) and World Market for their unique designs & approachable USD price point.

5: Fastest way to transform any space...and go!

Painting the walls and updating the lighting create the most immediate results for the smallest investment!

6: Something nobody knows about you. 

I’m a girly tom-boy, if that’s even a thing?! I can’t get enough of all girly frills (handbags, shoes, cute outfits... YES!) but when it comes to business and fixing anything I don’t mess around. My tool collection began before I owned a flat iron. My biggest peeve is that although I adore pretty nails, I can’t keep them if my life depended on it, I’m relentless with my hands and not afraid to get dirty to get something accomplished.

7: Favourite place to travel. 

Mais Oui, Paris! Can NEVER get enough of that city in any season of the year. 

8: Favourite movie.

Comedy- Long Shot with Seth Rogan

Romantic- Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly

Action- The Fugitive 

Thriller- Can’t do ‘em

9: Favourite food.

Full disclosure- fast food!! I’m not a foodie in the least, I eat to live, but if I had all the time in the world I would actually eat fresh chopped salads every day

10: Best piece of advice anyone has given you.

“Be the person you want to be tomorrow, today” - Becky 

Honestly this is an abbreviated summary of all the best advice I’ve ever heard. Plain and simple, don’t wait, start.

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