My Favourite Resource for Artificial Plants

One of the most essential elements in any stylists toolkit is their inventory of PLANTS. As it would be nearly impossible to do multiple stages per week using real plants, faux plants are a stylists best friend. I will say though, not all faux plants are created equally- and staging a space with faux plants that look “fake” can make a space instantly come off as cheap. No Bueno. With years of trial and error I’ve weeded out some of the less luxurious looking foliage and found a few staple plants that are key players in all of my stages.

Whether you’re a stylist or not, faux plants are a great option for decorating. You can use them in spaces that don’t naturally get a lot of light (like in a washroom, or when styling open shelving). They are light, they aren’t messy (no dirt)..and you don’t ever have to feel guilty about forgetting to water them (or subsequently killing them haha!)

Veronneau is one of my absolute favourite resources for realistic looking plants making up the majority of my inventory. Verroneau is a family owned Quebec based business that offers a pretty fantastic assortment of artificial plants, flowers, custom arrangements and more! One thing that really separates their artificial trees from their competitors is that their tree trunks are made from the trunk of real trees.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite links from their shop below so you too can start adding faux plants into your home! I’d love to know, which of the plants below is your favourite?

Becky Freeman